Utility Services


Miller-Pezzoni & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in designing power distribution systems ranging from low voltage underground to 17kV overhead construction. We have worked with several customers on capacitor installations, system capability studies, contingency plans, and infrastructure improvement projects. We provide the following services:

 •  Construction Standards

 •  Design Standards

 •  Overhead Line Extensions

 •  New Customer Utility Service

 •  Distribution Planning Services


 •  Metering

 •  Photovoltaic Systems

 •  Motor Starting Analysis

 •  Transient Stability Analysis

 •  Generator Start-Up

 •  Unbalanced Load Flow

 •  Optimal Power Flow 


Arc Flash

In 2000, the introduction of NFPA 70E led to the requirement that all Healthcare, Industrial and Commercial buildings must provide Arc Flash Hazard Analysis before a person approaches any exposed electrical conductor or circuit part that has not been placed in an electrically safe work condition. In 2009, the requirement was expanded to include equipment labeling for Arc Flash Hazard Labels at each piece of new and existing electrical distribution equipment. This requirement is intended to protect individuals who may come in contact with energized equipment. Since the introduction of the NFPA 70E, Miller-Pezzoni & Associates, Inc. has been spreading the word about the dangers Arc Flashes can pose to employees and their employers, and have been helping clients bring their facilities into compliance. Our Arc Flash Analysis services include:

 •  AC & DC Arc Flash Analysis

 •  Equipment Labeling in Accordance with NFPA 70E and ANSI Z535. Weather resistant labels guaranteed for 5 years.

 •  Short Circuit Analysis – ANSI and IEC

 •  Load Flow Analysis Arc Flash Reports w/ weather resistant labels guaranteed for 5 years.



Miller-Pezzoni & Associates, Inc. has designed several substations for a wide variety of customers and voltages. Aside from designing substations, we offer support and improvement designs to existing substations with the purpose of allowing our customer to maximize their electrical distribution system. In our designs we provide proper coordination and specifications. It is our standard to provide the customer with construction-ready designs and continued support during and after the construction of the station. We also offer professional designs for the following:

 •  Battery Discharge & Sizing

 •  DC Load Flow Analysis

 •  DC Short Circuit Analysis

 •  DC Control Systems

 •  Breaker Replacements

 •  Transformer Upgrades

 •  Relay Replacements

 •  CT Replacements

 •  Standby Power Systems

 •  Construction Details and Standards

 •  Utility Synced Generation


 •  Transformer MVA Sizing

 •  Transformer Tap Optimization.


Contract Employee Placement

Miller-Pezzoni & Associates, Inc. has the ability to provide short term and long term contract employees ranging from Engineering Technicians to Degreed Engineers. We currently have several employees contracted with various utility companies to add to their team. We contract well rounded and educated employees that have the ability and knowledge needed to complete projects at the utility level with minor training needed in your utility company’s operation and software to hit the ground running and help get you back on track to meet project goals and timelines. Utility companies have found this service very helpful to fill the void when staffing needs arise. For this service, we work with the utility company to come to an agreement on terms that work best for the utility company.